Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Converting wood mounted stamps to cling mount stamps

I am in the process of converting my woodmounted rubber stamps to cling mounted stamps to be used with acrylic blocks. It will save me a ton of storage space. This picture shows how I wast storing my stamps. There are only a few sets left in this cabinet.

I found this CD/DVD holder at Goodwill. It cost me $12. I am storing the newly converted stamps in CD jewels/cases. I already stored my regular clear acrylic stamps this way. The first two shelves are those acrylic sets.

This picture is just an example of how much space I am saving on seven Stampin Up wood mounted sets. I converted these and am storing them in six CD cases. You can sort your stamps any way you see fit. I like to store mine in the sets they came with.

I am going to show you how I converted this stamp set from this:

To this:

Please note: I do not guarantee you will have the same results I did in this sample, nor can I be held liable for any mishaps you or your stamps may encounter. You assume all responsibility should you attempt to unmount your stamps. I highly recommend that you watch some how-to videos on Youtube or visit additional blogs or websites on this subject matter.

You will need empty CD cases, if you plan to store your newly unmounted stamps this way. I got mine from Staples. You will need to remove the black insert and discard it.

I prefer to use the lable that was on the wood stamp. I peel it off the block like this:

Once it is completely removed, adhere it to a scrap of card stock that you can slide into or tape to the inside front of the CD case.

Next is the process of removing the rubber from the foam adhesive. Here is my stamp, before the rubber is removed.

Just work a fingernail or Cricut spatula or painter's spatula between the rubber and the foam mount and begin to peel the rubber. This is typically pretty easy. If you should have a stubborn stamp, you can pop the stamp, rubber side up, into a microwave for about 7 to 10 seconds. This will loosen up the adhesive and make it easier to remove the rubber from the foam.

If it works properly you should be left with the wood block with the foam adhesive left on it.

You can also peel the foam adhesive off the block and recycle the blocks to a purpose that suits you.

Ok, if you should find some of the adhesive stuck to the rubber, just rub it off with your fingers. It should come right off.

You will need some cling foam adhesive like EZ Mount. Now EZ Mount is very expensive so you may want to search the internet/ebay for less expensive options. Cling foam has a stickly adhesive side and a static cling side which allows you to use the rubber stamps with acrylic blocks.

Because of the expense, you may want to lay out the rubber stamps before cutting the cling mount to ensure you only use what you need.

Once you have cut your cling foam, you will adhear the rubber stamps and then trim around each and discard the scraps.

This is the trimmed, final product. Once trimmed, you can remove the paper backing from the cling side of the cling foam and store the stamp in a CD case.


Beth said...

TFS..Luckily, I just recently started stamping and don't have many wooden stamps..I plan to do this to the ones I have..this helps a lot.

Brandy said...

Thanks for showing these WITH PICTURES! I have been wanting to try this without risk of ruining my stamps!

Brenda said...

WOW I really need to do this

Kristyn said...

Where did you get the foam with the white backing? I have been searching the internet and the only thing that seems to pop up is the EZ mount brand. I looove this idea and plan to do it to all my stamps at home!

TR said...

This is great.

Theresa said...

My question is does the cling part of the foam lose it's ability to stick to the acrylic block by storing it directly onto the plastic cd case. The ez mount website says that certain materials will harm the cling side of the foam if not stored correctly. They sell sheets of a particular material to store them on. Is it just a gimmick to buy something else from them?